What To Do Hot Tubs Wiring Problem Electrician Specialists

Hot tubs are complicated devices that have been built to provide long-lasting, reliable performance, but even these sturdy appliances can break down sometimes. If your hot tub stops working or it is not performing as it should, do not despair – in some cases, the fault is caused by a problem with a major component, but in many other cases, the issue is easy to remedy. Here are some common problems and tips about what to do if your tub seems to be malfunctioning:

  • The water is not heating up – the problem might be caused by a clog in the circulation system, so washing or changing the filters might help. You can also try to turn the heater off, then on again or to flip the heater breaker on and off. If you feel confident in your repair skills, you can try to remove the heating element to see whether it is burned although anything having to do with electrical should be handled by Hot Tub Wiring Aurora specialists;
  • The temperature of the water is quickly changing again and again – the issue is usually caused by a problem of the pump or an issue with the sensors and the thermostat. The problem usually requires professional repair;
  • The jets are not working – open all your jets and check them for clogging, such as pieces of calcium or other debris. If you have recently filled your tub, your jets might be blocked by an airlock, an easy to remedy issue that you can solve simply turning your jets on and off a few times.