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Air conditioners are the main option to cool the air in the house on hot days, but you can also turn to ceiling fans. They are a cheaper alternative and consume less electricity, when you choose them according to the right criteria. A ceiling fan does not cool the room as much as an air conditioner does, but the movement of the air will ensure the cooling feeling naturally.

Ceiling fans come in a wide range of sizes, being made of wood or metal, with intelligent functions and can be controlled remotely or by the classic pull chain.

Criteria according to which you must choose a ceiling fan for your home

  • The size of the room

In a small room, you can install a fan with a circumference of 90 centimeters, while in a large room you will need one with a circumference of over 160 centimeters.

  • Floor-ceiling distance

In order for the air to circulate optimally throughout the room, it is necessary to install the fan at 2.15 – 2.70 meters from the floor. But if you have a high ceiling, it would be better to choose a fan that is suspended from a bar, instead of being mounted directly on the ceiling.

  • Engine power

A 70-80 W (watt) motor is useful for cooling a room, but if the surface is larger, the ceiling fan motor should have higher values.

  • The size of the blades

The longer the blades, the more efficient the ceiling fan.  Talking with JM Electric in Denver can help you decide what option is best for your home and also have it installed properly and safely.