Best Bathroom Lighting Installed By Electrician

Bathroom lighting, like any other room lighting, will be much more efficient if we do not limit ourselves to install a single bulb on the ceiling. The bathroom is a very important room for the morning washing and cosmetic routines and by default for our self-esteem, so make sure you have the right light in relation to your height and the size of your bathroom. On the other hand, most surfaces in the bathroom are glossy, even shiny, so the right lighting will make them look great.

Utility light – perfect for small bathrooms

Utility light, consisting of small fixtures installed on both sides of the mirror, is the ideal solution. The light positioned correctly in relation to the person’s face and height will project the right image, without throwing unwanted shadows on their face.

Accent lights

Accent lights are naturally used where there is something to emphasize: a decorative niche, an art object, a special area – even in a small bathroom. Accent lights can be spotlights or directional lamps that illuminate the area you want to highlight.

Decorative light

Decorative light catches the eye and brings a story to an otherwise cold and annoying area. If you have installed the bathtub on an empty wall, but decorated differently that the rest of the bathroom, then a special lighting installed by an Westminster electrician will create a well-delimited, beautiful and romantic space, separated from the more prosaic areas.