Kitchen Lighting Is Important

The kitchen is the center of all the action in most homes – it is the place where we cook, where we eat, where we talk with our friends over coffee or tea, the place around which people gravitate when there is a party in the house. While the furniture, the colors and the textures used in the kitchen decoration are all important, one of the functions that can make or break a kitchen is the lighting, so here are a few tips about the type of lighting that works best in kitchens:

  • Use task lights – have a Denver electrician replace very strong overhead lighting with task lights and ambient light to create a friendlier and more functional environment;
  • Combine types – try to combine recessed lights installed underneath the cabinets, LED strings and pendant lights over the areas where you work, such as the island to provide just the right amount of light everywhere;
  • Use accent lights for decoration – cabinets with see-through doors look great with accent lights, such as easy-to-mount LED strings – the small, bright LEDs can highlight the items that you are proud of and when all the other lights in the kitchen are turned off, they are great for creating a special atmosphere