Be An Electrician Get Educated

The work of an electrician is usually very complex and it requires theoretical as well as practical knowledge that takes years to acquire – small wonder electrician jobs are so sought after and so highly paid. The basic requirement for starting training to become an electrician is a high school diploma or a high school diploma equivalent, with the training that needs to be pursued afterwards lasting between two and seven years.

The next step after receiving the high school diploma for anyone who wants to become an electrician is the search for a vocational program or an apprenticeship. Vocational training courses are offered by local schools, while apprenticeship programs are usually provided by large companies in the industry. Electrician apprentices hold entry-level positions and learn the trade through working under the supervision of a master electrician during the day and through evening courses to learn the theory of electrical installation, maintenance and repair. After having completed apprenticeship and vocational training requirements, the students-apprentices will have to participate in complex testing to receive their state license and to be allowed to start work as a journeyman electrician. However, the training and learning process does not stop after receiving the license – electrical codes change all the time, which also means that electricians need to return to the classroom periodically to learn about the relevant changes.  For apprenticeships and more, see