What you Need To Know Electric Vehicle Car Charger Installation Home Office

If you no longer want to go to the filling station to charge your electric vehicle, getting a Tesla home wall charger is the best solution.

Charge your electric car at home! 

A Tesla home wall charger is a quick and convenient solution. Simply plug in your vehicle overnight, and charging will be done while you’re asleep. In the morning, you are ready to go and you will not have to spend time anymore during the day charging your car. 

Characteristics of a Tesla home wall charger:

  • Power cable length 7m (Optional cable lengths of 8.5 or 24 m)
  • Fully charge the battery in around 7 hours
  • Power up to 22 kW at three-phase connection for a single vehicle (50% faster than the mobile connector with NEMA 14-50 socket)
  • It is approved for both outdoor and indoor use as well
  • Customizable power settings
  • Installation can be done by any authorized electrician
  • Makes it possible to charge up to 4 Tesla cars at home

Last but not least, Tesla home wall chargers are compatible with all home electrical systems and can be installed in just a few hours if done by an electric car charger installation Aurora specialist. They also have nice aesthetics, and they won’t take up too much space on your wall.