Beautiful DayLight With Recessed Lighting For Night

Recessed lighting can be a great idea depending on what you might need it for. According to most Centennial electrician experts, this type of light is best suited to stores, parking lots and a variety of commercial areas where concentrating light down from the ceiling is essential in order to highlight a certain space or ensure that enough light is shone on a certain work area.


Also known as a downlight or a pot light (in certain parts of Canada), the recessed light is a type of light fixture that’s set in a hole in the ceiling, making it seem like the light is actually coming from that portion of the ceiling in and of itself.


If you own a store, and want to highlight one or more of the items you’re selling, then placing recessed lighting fixtures in strategic areas is a great idea as a promotion gimmick. It’s also a good idea to use recessed lighting to highlight certain work areas where your employees need to see better or access sensitive equipment.


Recessed lighting doesn’t work when there’s a need for soft light and low contrast lighting that allows employees to work in the same environment for many hours each day. In such cases, the concentrated light from a downlight can actually be detrimental.