Considerations Of Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting, also known as canned lights, is an attractive and contemporary lighting solution that adds a touch of sleek, modern style to any room. Recessed lighting is suitable for most environments and for almost any purpose of usage, but there are some areas of usage for which recessed lights make the very best choice:

  • You want light, but no visible fixtures – recessed lights do their job in a humble way, without adding an extra design component and without disrupting the existing room design;
  • You have low ceilings – adding pendant lights to a low ceiling will make the room look even less spacious, so the best solution for low ceilings is definitely a recessed lighting system;
  • Great for rooms where moisture can cause problems – recessed lights can be installed to create completely watertight systems, therefore they are the best solutions for bathrooms, steam baths or saunas;
  • A timeless design – recessed lights don’t use elaborate fixtures that require you to commit to a certain style, therefore they are suitable for classic, vintage, bohemian and modern spaces;
  • Covering the entire room – unlike ceiling lights, that illuminate the center of the room more intensely than the sides and the corners, a well-designed, well-directed recessed light system can be used for illuminating even very large rooms.

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