Why it Might be Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Fuses

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Denver Electricans Time To Upgrade

When it comes to having a reliable electrical system, fuse boxes may not fare as well as circuit breakers. Fuse boxes can still be found today but mostly in older homes which also have old wiring and an old electrical system in general. Fuse boxes are slowly starting to be replaced because circuit breaks prove to be more reliable and should be professionally installed by JM Electric in Denver.


The demand for electricity in homes is much higher compared to a few decades ago.

Circuit breakers can handle more appliances running at the same time and increase the quality of life for people by having a more stable electrical system. Fuse boxes were made to handle only a few electronics and lights running at the same time. The major difference between them is how they handle electricity. Fuse boxes use wire that melts when overloaded. Circuit breakers, on the other hand, use a magnetic switch. Fuses need replacements while circuit bakers only need to be flipped back up.


When the system gets overloaded, a fuse box will blow out and must be replaced with another one. This will require having spare fuses at hand when needed. In comparison, a circuit breaker only trips and no replacement parts are needed. This increases the quality of life but it is also safer to use, compared to a fuse box. When switching to a different size fuse in a box made to handle lower amp sizes, it can lead to fire hazards.


A home that has a fuse box may also have outdated wiring, therefore, when doing an upgrade, it is a good idea to have some work done on the wiring as well. When should an upgrade be done? The sooner, the better. The technology is old and because homes are using more appliances at the same time, they require more stable and efficient energy flow, therefore, upgrading to circuit brakes will be the best home improvement project a homeowner could make.


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