surge protectors electrical installations

Outlets, switches and other electric installations that feature an input or output of electricity are often fitted with surge protectors in order to prevent a surge from burning out your lighting or one of your electric or electronic devices. Extension cables and sockets can also be purchased along with surge protectors, as they come in real handy when you use them to power devices and gadgets that use up a large volume of electric current at any given time.


Let’s say you turn on your gaming computer, and for a while it just operates on low resources, as you check your email or social media pages. Then, as soon as you start a game that uses up almost the entirety of your 16 Gb of RAM, octa-core processor and high powered video card, your computer immediately starts to use up a much higher wattage of electric power. Now, depending on the type of wiring and outlets you are using, this surge can cause a short-circuit or even fry one of your computer’s expensive systems.


Surge protectors are designed to cut power to your systems as soon as a surge is detected. As a result, your precious electronics will be protected, and you also won’t have to face any of the dangers associated with sparks flying and possibly setting fire to a nearby flammable piece of fabric.  For electrical installations go to