Westminster Electrician Car Charging System At Home Installation

If you own a Tesla home wall charger, it’s essential that you find an electrician who has the experience, knowledge and skill necessary to repair it. These electricians are trained to tackle the special architecture and the unique problems that are typically associated with Tesla home chargers. Because these chargers operate in a slightly different way than regular Level 2 chargers, they typically require different components and have a slightly different mode of operation as well. Moreover, the voltage might be the same, but the currents passing through your Tesla charger will be significantly higher than that of most conventional charging stations.

The biggest difference between a Tesla charger and a regular Level 2 charger is the current. While a normal charging station operates at about 5 to 12kW, a Tesla charging station will typically operate at 11.5kW or more, which produces a mileage of 30 to 44 every hour of charging, depending on the type of home wall charger you own and the type of Tesla vehicle you have. Because of these differences and the specific standards that Tesla home charger use, electricians need to learn the details regarding these standards to be able to fix Tesla’s chargers efficiently.

Without that knowledge, your electrician will have a very hard time repairing the charger, and may even break it. However, a Westminster electrician who has good knowledge of how Tesla home chargers work will get the job done in no time and without any mistakes.