Find Out How Electric Car Charger Wall Unit Installation At Home Works

If you read about the advances that Tesla brought to the world of electric vehicles, you probably already know that there is a significant difference between a Tesla home wall charger and a regular charger. A home electric car charger installation Aurora electricians do will charge your vehicle much faster than a regular, Level 2 charger, providing significantly more range per hour of charging in comparison. While Tesla superchargers also use up more energy in a shorter time span, they don’t need to operate as much, which means you won’t need to cover a significantly larger energy bill.

Tesla superchargers are what they call “Level 3” chargers. However, a Tesla home wall charger isn’t a supercharger, but simply a more powerful piece of technology that enhances (usually doubles) the range that a regular Level 2 charger might provide. While regular Level 2 charging stations operate at 240V and use up to 10,000 Watts while charging, Tesla home chargers operates at a higher wattage and are able to charge your car faster.

Nevertheless, while a typical charger will only add about 22 miles of range per hour of charging, a Tesla charger is likely to add up to 44 miles of range, which offers double the charging speed, and is also better when considering overall energy consumption differences. Although you can’t have a Tesla supercharger at home (since Tesla simply doesn’t sell them for home use), a Tesla home wall charger is the next best thing, and it will still charge your Tesla vehicle much faster than a conventional Level 2 charger.