Maximize EV Charging Electrician Denver

If you welcomed a Tesla into your life, your Tesla Home Wall Charger is your new best friend. But are you making the most out of this partnership? To keep your EV charged and ready to roll, we have three tips to ensure you squeeze every efficiency drop out of your home setting setup.

  1. Amp it up – adjust your charging speed

Your Tesla is like a cup of coffee; sometimes, you need it quick, and other times, a slow brew is just fine. Adjust your charging speed using your car’s Tesla Mobile App or charging settings. A higher amperage can speed up charging, while a lower one can reduce load during peak hours. It’s like having a choice between espresso and drip coffee.

  • Time it right – charge during off-peak hours

Charging during off-peak hours is a secret shortcut to lower electricity costs. Electricity rates are often lower at night, so set your Tesla to charge during these hours and prepare for your next adventure on the electric highway.

  • Keep it cool – proper cable management

Ensuring your charging cable is coiled neatly is very important because a well-organized cable doesn’t just look good; it prevents overheating and maintains efficiency. The importance of having a skilled electrician Denver area do the installation is the first step in having your car charger run at peak performance.