Electrical Upgrade Case Study: Ensuring Safety and Future Readiness at a Denver Residence


In the heart of Denver at 3024 Humboldt St, homeowner Garret Anderson faced a critical electrical safety issue following a severe winter storm. The storm had caused significant damage, pulling down power lines and exposing underlying issues with the existing electrical setup. JM Electric, Inc., a trusted local electrical service provider in Denver, was called upon to address these urgent safety concerns and prevent future hazards.

Electrical Service Upgrade Project Overview

  • Client Profile: Homeowner – Garret Anderson
  • Location: 3024 Humboldt St, Denver, CO
  • Type of Electrical Service:
    • Upgraded the service to 200 amps
    • Raised the power lines through the roof, securing them to prevent future issues
  • Specific Issue or Need: Downed power lines and unsafe electrical panels
  • Products/Parts Used: Square D Homeline panel, Millbank meter
  • Process:
    • Initial estimate and consultation on Monday
    • Agreement reached by Monday afternoon
    • Project completed by Tuesday
    • Inspection and approval by Friday
  • Duration: 6 Hours
  • Specific Challenges:
    • Replacement of a hazardous Zinsco electrical panel
    • Installation of a new meter after heavy snow pulled the existing meter mast off the wall
    • Securing incoming lines through the roof for enhanced safety
  • Outcome: Enhanced electrical capacity for future additions and improved safety
Damaged electrical panel and meter in Denver, Colorado
Denver electrical panel installation services by JM Electric, Inc.

Addressing Unique Challenges in Urban Electrical Services

The Denver residence presented unique challenges that required careful planning and swift action. The existing Zinsco panel was a known safety hazard, compounded by damage from heavy snowfall which had torn the meter mast from the wall. JM Electric’s team, led by skilled electricians Sebastian and Miguel, not only replaced the unsafe components but also innovated by rerouting and securing the power lines through the roof. This strategic move safeguarded the home against similar incidents in the future.

Client Testimonial

“I had a relatively large emergency electrical project that needed to be done after a winter storm. JM
Electric’s bid was fair, and Sebastian and Miguel completed the work incredibly quickly and professionally.
The city inspector was also impressed with the quality of their work. I will not hesitate to use, or
recommend, JM Electric in the future.” Read Google Review

Summary of Benefits and Electrician Expertise

Choosing JM Electric, Inc. for this critical upgrade meant not only resolving the immediate dangers but also preparing the home for future electrical needs. The work done by JM Electric ensures that any future electric additions will be supported by a robust and safe electrical system, significantly reducing the risk of electrical failures.

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This case study exemplifies the expertise and responsiveness of JM Electric, Inc., showcasing their commitment to safety and customer satisfaction in the face of unexpected challenges.