A Well Lit RoomThere are many ways in which lighting can alter our mood and our ability to see things clearly. Whether you work with computers, do crafts, read or prepare paper documents as a clerk, there are many ways that you can actually use lighting to feel better and improve your mood during work.


One of the best ways is to dim the light at your workplace. Don’t just limit yourself to choosing the lamp and its positioning, but find an improved lamp with a dimmer switch that can help you get the exact amount of lighting you need for any particular purpose.


Use the right color of light. OLED (organic LED) lighting is the best in this regard, however, to increase your mood it’s usually best to use warmer light colors and diminish blue light. While using blue light during the day can be a good idea, once dusk sets in you have to diminish it.


Finally, being in sunlight and other natural lighting can be the best way to boost your mood. Take more walks, and depending on the time of day and the weather, you can also consider going on picnics with the entire family and enjoying a full summer afternoon of delicious sunlight.


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