home electric charging station techniciain

Even though electric vehicle drivers have more than one charging option available, most choose to purchase their own Tesla home charging station and connect their vehicles overnight.

This is the most convenient option. You connect the vehicle when you get home, and it will charge while you sleep. You no longer have to go to a public charging station, and you can take advantage of the low utility prices at night, outside of peak hours, saving both time and money.

To charge your vehicle at home, Tesla recommends that you work with an Aurora electric car charger installation technician to install a Wall Connector device near your parking lot are, to be able to charge your vehicle easily and comfortably. A qualified electrician will also help you fix your Tesla home charging station when you experience problems.

Tesla has its own certified electricians trained to troubleshoot any problem, from slow charging speed to poor connection.

There is a variety of problems you may encounter with your charging station. Some of them only require a reset or reconnection – and you can do it yourself. However, severe and persistent issues also need the professional expertise of an EV charging electrician, including faulty installation, hardware issues, or poor charging speeds.