If you want to visit Colorado, you probably already know all the remarkable possibilities that this area of the country has to offer when it comes to fun and exciting outdoor vacations. You can take road trips, visit majestic natural sanctuaries and national parks, enjoy some of the most daring and extreme sporting activities, or just rough it by hiking and camping in the good ol’ Rockies.


Not everyone knows, however, that some places in Colorado can be remarkably cheap. Yet they still offer you the chance to experience the beauty of the Colorado area in full:


  • The Mesa Verde National Park offers one of the best opportunities for visitors to enjoy a budget-friendly vacation. The Park has highly affordable fees for anyone wanting to explore the remnants of ancient Pueblos, enjoy excellent lodging solutions and camp out under the clear sky.
  • Red Feather Lakes is a unique place where you can find beautiful hiking trails, gorgeous scenery and some of the most fascinating wildlife in Colorado.
  • Get to the Western Slope at Grand Junction, and enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities on a budget. Some of these include whitewater rafting, hiking, horseback riding and exploring the full extent of the local agricultural region. At JM Electric, some of the best electricians in Denver recommend outdoor living and getting outdoors and enjoying all Colorado has to offer.


There are many other remarkable places to visit in Colorado, and you can usually do so without an extensive investment. The Indian Peaks Wilderness, Steamboat Springs and the Kendall Mountain Ski Area in Silverton all provide you with the chance to fully enjoy your vacation even on a lower budget.