Stage Lighting Using Track Lights

If you are planning to present a short play in your home with your kids or you need stage light for playing karaoke, you can easily create the right, professional setting that features a uniformly spread of light for the performance – here is how:

  • Select the right fixtures – almost-professional lighting fixtures are available for a little over 10 dollars, so make sure to get some and if you can, get some stands for them, too. Use fixtures that emanate the same type of light in an even beam and are sufficiently strong for illuminating the stage;
  • Hang or fix the light sources to create even light – make sure that all the fixtures are at the same distance from the stage and the beam angle also needs to be identical for all of them. The top and the bottom of each beam needs to be at the same level on the stage – you can achieve that with the help of tilting or shutters;
  • Ask the expert at the electricians Denver shop – the people who work in lighting shops are usually passionate about lighting solutions, they can show the right products that fit into your budget and they can also give you lots of great advice about how to set up your fixtures.