Turning ON a Light Switch

Light switches are nowadays available in such a wide variety of styles and types that any homeowner can find the type that best suits the design of the room where the switch will be installed – here are the most common switch types:

  • Push button switches – switches that belong to this type are operated by pushing and releasing a button;
  • Toggle switches – the most common type of switches is operated with the help of a small lever that has two positions: on and off;
  • Selector switches – these units feature a selector, usually a knob that is rotated to select the desired function;
  • Proximity switches – these units are equipped with sensors that detect the presence of a person in the room. The sensors turn on the light when someone enters the room and they turn the light off when they detect that there is no one in the room;
  • Photoelectric switches – these units also use sensors, but not to detect presence, but for analyzing the intensity of natural light in the room. They turn on and off automatically, being controlled by the amount of light measured by the sensors in the surrounding area;
  • Dimmer switches – these switches let you finely tune the intensity of the light emitted by the lamps, so they are perfect for bedrooms or for living rooms where you want to add some ambient effects.

The community Denver electricians are licensed and know exactly what type of light switches are available and can give you good direction on what is popular and useful.