Under Cabinet Lighting Options

Ok so let’s be honest- you have probably seen a bazillion types of cool under-cabinet and kitchen lighting from an Instagram story, TikTok, or maybe even when scrolling Amazon. This might seem like some cool new trend but really, the idea has been around for a long time! Not only does it look cool and brighten up your kitchen, but it definitely serves a great purpose in making your kitchen more usable! If you can see things better, you can use them more, right?

Rather than buying some little system online (that may or may not even work that well) you should get your system professionally installed. That way, you know you are getting great quality lights and you don’t even have to do it on your own. The two most common types are puck lights that consist of round or oval units that provide spots of light rather than even illumination and linear fixtures that consist of lights installed by Denver electricians on bars or strips to provide even light.

Under-cabinet lighting is great for any kitchen environment – here are a few of its benefits to convince you that you need it, too:

  • Low energy needs – under-cabinet lighting systems use LED lights that provide bright light without inflating your electricity bills;
  • Quick and easy installation – many under-cabinet light fixtures require you only to screw in the strip or the bar that carries the individual light sources, so they can be installed in a matter of minutes even if you are not in the middle of a kitchen renovation project;
  • Efficient lighting – under-cabinets lights are mounted above the work surface in a position that will allow you to work on the counter without having to deal with shadows;
  • Stylish additions – under-cabinet lights come equipped with different bulbs, allowing you to choose the type of layering and the light color that best suits your kitchen environment. Keeps your space looking fresh and trendy, ready for that insta post!