nhenhentWhat's Affected With Power Outage Electric Company

When you live in a big city, sometimes the power can go out. Obviously there are many different reasons for why this would happen, but none of them are ever fun! Sometimes a massive storm can come out of nowhere and totally knock out the power lines, or maybe someone was doing construction nearby and messed up the electrical source for the whole area. 

No matter what the reason is for a power outage, you want to make sure that your appliances are protected. I know that if I had spent a ton of money on nice televisions, stereos, or gaming systems that I would want to protect them. And don’t even get me started on how mad I would be if my coffee maker was destroyed because some neighbor couldn’t get it together and do their home modifications the right way and blew out an electrical grid.

A good rule of thumb is to always keep electronics turned off and even unplugged if you aren’t using them. Not only does that help protect them, but it also saves electricity which is awesome for your wallet AND the environment! The only thing that should remain plugged in is the fridge (obviously) because you don’t want to find a small flood when you return home, caused by a defrosted freezer.

If you feel that plugging and unplugging appliances is not for you, you can install a monitoring relay and network protection in case of voltage fluctuations. It can be installed only by authorized electricians like those found here https://www.jmelectricinc.com/denver-electrician, in the electrical panel in the house. When there is a voltage fluctuation in the network, the relay disconnects the electrical grid, protecting the system and appliances consuming power, even if they are plugged in.

Did you forget to unplug appliances before going on vacation and you didn’t leave a key with the neighbors because they clearly can’t be trusted? Then this is a great solution! The relay offers you, at any time, data regarding the voltage level provided by the power distributor.