What Does A Power Outage Do To Your Electrical System

Depending on what causes a power outage, your electric system can get a pretty heavy beating from something as seemingly simple as being turned off for a little while. However, if you want to find out whether it’s worth getting worried or not, it’s important to first understand more about how your power system actually works.


The electric system that powers your home is designed to use alternating current (AC) to provide power to your outlets and lighting. While the voltage of that power remains constant, the current that each appliance or electric gadget you plug into the grid draws from it will depend on the amount of resistance it has (according to Ohm’s law). When the resistance drops to the level that we have a short circuit, it can blow a fuse and cause the entire system to shut off.


Now, depending on how fast the current buildup happens, it’s possible that enough of a charge can build up into the wires and the electronics in your home that they get burnt out. In some cases, even the wiring, outlets or switches can be damaged.


So, if you suspect that a high powered appliance that uses thousands of Watts might have short circuited and caused the power outage, you should definitely have an electrician Denver CO area look into it, as there may be some damage to your electric system.