Energy Saving Lightbulbs Electricians

There is an undeniable connection between energy-saving light bulbs and your utility bill. In order to make the best choices, it is perhaps important to consider the options that these light bulbs offer.

Light-emitting diodes, halogen incandescent lights and compact fluorescent lights are the type of bulbs that save a lot of money on your utility bill, while using the very same amount of light necessary for your home or commercial building.

Available in most hardware and home improvement stores, these bulbs have been tested to withstand undesirable weather conditions such as rain or snow, so they can be safely used in outdoor, exposed fixtures.

Halogen incandescent bulbs have a sort of capsule inside that keeps the gas around a filament, in order to improve the bulb’s performance. They can be found in many colors and designs, and they can also work with dimmers.

CFLs are available in warm colors, from white to yellow. Because they contain mercury, they should be recycled.

LEDs come in various shapes and colors and they can be equipped with motion or daylight sensors. They are great both indoor, and outdoor, whether it is in the kitchen area, on desk lamps, under-cabinet lighting, or on porches, steps or pathways.

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