Denver is a city full of potential. Aside from its safe and family-friendly neighborhoods, it also has a lot of places where you can have fun, and it offers many different varieties of enjoyment options for every taste.  JM Electric is a great supporter of the community and agrees it’s a fun place to live.

The oldest of Denver’s neighborhoods, LoDo, is a place where you can relax at some of the city’s finest neighborhoods, or get the best bargains for your money at Denver’s top shopping areas. Deep in the heart of Denver’s city center, the neighborhood also has family attractions that are perfect for locals and visitors alike.


Aside from strolling through Denver’s famous downtown area, you can also schedule a trip to the local marina. Here you’ll find more than 1 million gallons worth of stunning and unique underwater exhibits that range from the more than 500 different species of marine life, to the famous interior coral lagoon and shipwreck.


Also, it’s not just Denver’s exemplary school network that can stretch your mind. The large number of museums in the city can also make for a fun and exciting pastime, especially if you visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science or the Morrison Natural History Museum.


Finally, Coors Field will let you catch a Major League Baseball game any time you want. The venue is new, clean and impressive, and its 38,000-square foot rooftop area features a luxury VIP terrace that’s definitely worth taking a closer look at.