Knowing when to hire an expert can be tricky. While most projects around the house can be done by yourself and your family, leave most electrical work to the pros. When you need an extra hand, call the expert electricians in Denver: JM Electric.

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How Do I Add Radiant Heating to My Bathroom Floor?

Hire a Pro. Chip says, you’ll have to rip up your existing floor, so it’s best to hire an experienced tile installer. I suggest an electric radiant heat mat — which is like an electric blanket under your floor — as opposed to a hydronic system, which uses pipes filled with hot water and requires a major remodel, costing thousands of dollars. To install the heat mat, the tile pro will remove your floor down to the subfloor, then lay down a backer board, a compressed stone or fiber cement covering that shields the subfloor from moisture. Next, he or she will add the heat mat and encapsulate it in mortar. Once it’s dry, they will install the new flooring. In a standard-size bathroom, the job should take three or four days.

How Do I Change Out a Ceiling Light Fixture?

Give It a Go. Chip says, this is an easy swap. First, turn off the power for the light from your circuit breaker or fuse box, and unscrew the old fixture. Before unraveling any of the wires, check them with a voltage tester to ensure they’re not electrified. Once you’re in the clear, untwist the wires and remove the light. Make sure the electrical mounting box (the metal box that houses the wires) is securely anchored to your ceiling. Then, connect the wires from your new fixture to those in the ceiling. Using needle-nose pliers, gently twist the ends of the wires with the same color coating together, then cap the ends with wire nuts. Finish by screwing the fixture into the ceiling and turning the power back on.

My Electric Stove Burner Isn’t Warming. Help!

Give It a Go. Chip says, over time the receptacle that your burner plugs into can become charred or corroded, which will cause the burner to stop working. When your stove is off, hold the burner with both hands and pull it off the stovetop. You’ll see the receptacle, which looks like a little plastic box that’s chipped or screwed into your range. Detach it and the two wires connecting it, then take it to a hardware store to get an identical replacement. Clip or screw the new receptacle into the stove, reattach the wires and replace the burner.

Can I Install Surround Sound On My Own?

Hire a Pro. Chip says, you’ll need an audio/visual installer­. He or she will know more about speaker systems and their wiring needs than an electrician. Before he or she arrives, tell them the make and model of your system so they know which wires to bring. They will run them through your walls from your TV or stereo to where you want your speakers. The pro can also cut holes in your walls for the speakers and mount them, but that will likely add at least a few hundred dollars to the cost.”