Hot Lighting Designs

Home lighting is an extremely important element that can make a difference between a common room and a room with personality. You can radically influence the atmosphere in your house with different types of lighting fixtures and their position.

The main trend this year make these fixtures important not just functionally, but also aesthetically. Here are the most popular:

Brass lighting fixtures

They fit any decor and bring extra elegance and style to any space. A luxurious material, brass is great for highlighting any type of interior; it is also easy to match with the rest of the furniture.  However these types of lighting fixtures do require installation by professional electricians Denver employs.

Lamps designed in simple lines

Interior designers prefer simple items this year. No matter their size, simple, minimalistic design lines provide added elegance to various interior designs.

Floor lamps

We cannot say that they were ever outdated, but this year floor lamps are among the main trends for home lighting. Surely, you have at least one corner in your house that seem impossible to be decorated properly. Besides solving this issue, a floor lamp is a vertical element that can create the impression of a higher room.


These home lighting trends should not put pressure on you. After all, the best design is the one you like and fits your style, as well as the existing decorations. Trends are designed to help you in terms of lighting, whether you renovate or decorate a home from scratch.