How It Works Electric Car Charger Installation Aurora

When you want to charge your Tesla as efficiently as possible, a Tesla home charging station is your best choice. It will ensure that you can minimize your charging time and get your EV ready in no time at all, while also keeping the battery as healthy as possible.

But how do these charging stations actually work, and what makes them so special?

Aside from the fact that the wall chargers are designed by Tesla especially for their electric cars, it’s important to mention their advanced technology which makes them some of the most sophisticated and impressive wall connectors in the world.

Tesla home wall chargers do a lot more than just charge your car. They feature a glowing LED screen and a complete monitoring system you can access through Tesla’s official app, so you can keep track of your vehicle’s charging status and get notifications when the charging process is completed.

The wall connector also hosts a WiFi network that allows you to configure the breaker size, power sharing and WiFi configuration with great ease.

Contrary to popular belief, installing a Tesla wall charger in your home will not be too expensive, and with the help of a licensed and approved electric car charger installation Aurora electrician, you’ll get the process completed in no time at all.