How It Works Charging Stations Electricians Denver Installation

A Tesla home charging station works just like any other outlet in your house and should be installed by professional Denver electricians with experience in charging stations. All you have to do is simply buy it and install it on the outside of your house. Then, you simply have to just plug in the cord from your charger into your Tesla when you come home. You leave it overnight and in the morning your car is ready to go. There’s no need to stay awake waiting to unplug your car, because it will stop charging the moment it is at capacity. The system shuts itself down, so you don’t have to worry about overloading the system or short-circuiting the car’s battery.

Another great advantage of a Tesla home charging station is that you don’t have to modify your electrical network. The charger works with any electrical grid available. With other electric cars, you had to have a certain output or the car wouldn’t charge. But Tesla developed their charging stations especially to be used by anybody with any kind of grid. So all you have to do is pick up your charging station, hook it up to the grid of your house and then just plug it in your car when you need to.