Electricians In Denver Can Tell You How To Save On Electricity Usage Upgrading Appliances

If your energy bill seems too high, you should calculate your home consumption. Household appliances are the ones that consume the most energy, so depending on which appliances you use and to what extent, you will have bigger or smaller monthly expenses. Here is an overview of the average consumption of household appliances.

  • Washing machine – It is considered one of the biggest energy consumers in the house. One hour of operation consumes an average of 0.7 kW.
  • The refrigerator – about 30 kW per month
  • TV – LED TV consumes 0.055 kW per hour
  • The computer – A PC unit consumes 0.11 kW per hour.
  • Vacuum cleaner – 1.9 kW per hour
  • Microwave oven – Used 15 minutes a day, a microwave oven consumes 10.23 kW
  • Air conditioning – Each working hour of an air conditioner consumes an average of 2.64 KW

With a power meter, you can measure and calculate the consumption of each appliance. You will also notice that leaving the appliance plugged in the socket when not in use also has a cost.

Besides doing your best to prevent wasting energy in vain, the best thing is to choose household appliances labeled Energy Star and with A+++ class efficiency, and make sure to have electricians in Denver out to do a thorough inspection of your electrical to perform at it’s best.