The Importance Of Outdoor Lighting


Burglaries are the most common forms of crime that homeowners are faced with, but fortunately, there are several, relatively inexpensive and easy to use solutions to deter them and to protect your household assets. Outdoor lighting, especially motion light sensors are among the most efficient deterrents for burglars – here is why installing such lights is a great way to safeguard your home:

  • Burglars avoid well-lit environments – lights that you turn on and off manually as well as lighting systems fitted with motion sensors that detect movement and turn on the lights only when someone is moving around create environments that burglars prefer to stay away from. The sensors can be configured to detect only humans (movement over a certain height from the ground), so you can prevent false alerts;
  • Simple porch lights also work – they inform burglars that the residents might be at home, so they won’t attempt a break-in;
  • Leaving lights on when you are not at home – this method is also known to be an excellent deterrent for burglars. When you go away on vacation, it is a good idea to ask someone to turn on some lights in and outside the home for the evenings, to create the illusion that the owners are at home.

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