Outdoor Lighting For Summer

When spring comes with great weather not only during the day, but in the evenings as well, you may want to spend more time outdoors to enjoy the beauty of your landscape after dark. If you have no landscape lighting yet and you are currently looking into your options, here are some of the best styles of lighting systems:

  • Covered patio lighting – This is the most permanent and preferred method of lighting, so all that is required is a flip of a switch, but requires electricians in Denver for safe installation.
  • Pathway lighting – the lights installed along the pathways in your yard and garden form classy boundaries that not only highlight the beauty of the green space, but can help you and your guests move around safely after dark;
  • String lights – a long string of bulbs that you wrap around the trees, then plug to a supply makes an easy and inexpensive way to illuminate your garden or yard;
  • Lanterns – they are easy to move and excellent for setting an inviting and romantic atmosphere, making your garden all the more beautiful at night;
  • Hidden LED strings – hiding strings of LED lights under the stairs or at the base of larger items in your garden, such as outdoor vases is a great way to make moving around in the garden safe and to confer an attractive, contemporary appearance to your space.