Electrician Tips Labeling Fuse Box

Fuse boxes are component parts of electrical installations that distribute electricity to a receiver, or to another distribution panel. Current standards stipulate how to label your fuse box.  You can look for a electrician Denver has that can also provide guidelines for labeling your fuse box.  Here are some other tips:

On the front of the fuse box

The label with the manufacturer’s name and the identification of the work / project is mandatory. On the documents that are delivered to the client, the standards allow the enumeration of some electrical characteristics such as voltage, current, frequency, short-circuit current, protection system by grounding etc., as well as some mechanical characteristics such as table mass or degree of protection.

Circuit marking

It allows end-users to clearly identify the different component circuits of the installation. The marking will be entirely legible, durable and properly attached to the fuse box.

There are 3 sizes of transparent labels, which can be printed or engraved. They have to be attached directly to the openings on the front plate, using the provided holes. Support for self-adhesive labels with transparent foil, paper labels or sheets with pre-printed symbols on self-adhesive labels are also available.

Inside the fuse box

Labeling inside the fuse box avoids any risk of confusion. The markings must be identical to those on the connection diagram in the project.