There are numerous clear ways in which you can spot a malfunctioning Tesla home wall charger. First of all, you need to look at the indicator lights on it. Indicator lights have different colors in order to show the charging status. Thus, in case the lights are not turning on as you might expect them to, or have some rather unusual patterns.

While the charger is working, you should pay attention to any unusual sounds. A normal charging process should be quiet so, if you hear strange noises like buzzing or sparking, it can be a sign that something might be wrong.

You need to touch the charger and the cable during the charging process. They should not be excessively hot. If you feel any part getting unusually warm or hot, it could indicate a malfunction. And in case you have the Tesla app connected to your charger, you can use it to monitor the charging status. If the app is not displaying the correct information or shows error messages, there might be an issue.

And, if possible, you should try using a different power outlet. Sometimes, the problem may be with the electrical connection. If the charger works fine with another outlet, the issue might be with the original socket. The best resolve is to have an electrician company like JM Electric Inc., who has the experience with electric car chargers come out for diagnosis and repair.