Although it may come as a surprise to some, the state of Colorado has actually reached a status that allows it to compete with the giants of real estate in the United States. The local Colorado real estate market has really taken off in recent years, and whether you want to buy a luxury house, or you’re looking to invest in real estate for business purposes, this is definitely the place to be in 2018.

Among the top rated locations and neighborhoods in Colorado are such names as Holly Hill, Stapleton and South Park Hill. However, three neighborhoods stand above all others when measuring up against the best real estate locations in the country:


  1. Although somewhat lacking in the department of nightlife and diversity, Stonegate is an area that receives high marks for its impressive public schools, high quality houses and exemplary safety. If you want to move with the entire family to Colorado, this is undoubtedly a place you should consider. There are plenty of very skilled Denver Electricians, but the job opportunity is great as well.
  2. Safety, family life, low noise levels and good quality houses are three of the most enticing benefits that make Frederick one of Colorado’s top choices when it comes to accepting new residents.
  3. Finally, Centennial is a suburb of Denver that has received excellent feedback from locals living here. Its school network is probably the best in the entire state, and if you want a quiet place where there’s little or no crime, and your kids can grow up well, this is definitely it.