Shine The Light On Lighting Mistakes

Lighting a house is not such an easy task as it looks like and it needs planning, just like the other elements in the house.

Below, we have gathered some of the most common mistakes that are made when it comes to lighting the house.


  1. Insufficient light in working areas

No matter how well you plan the overall lighting of a house, there are often spaces that need extra light (the office, the kitchen workspace etc.). Use desk lamps, under cabinet lights etc.

  1. The absence of light intensity control devices

Most homeowners use incandescent bulbs, without devices like smart light switches, designed to adjust the intensity of light. As such, bulbs have a high-energy consumption, emit a lot of heat and often provide more light than necessary. How do you avoid this situation? Insist on having a Denver electrician install light intensity control devices. They allow you to meet different lighting needs using the same fixture and are also budget-friendly.

  1. The color of the walls does not match the light

A bedroom, being a space dedicated to our comfort, must have lighting fixtures that provide a more subtle light than in the kitchen or the living room. To create the feeling of comfort, the color of the walls must match the light.