The trends in roofing industry are currently more and more related to climate change and the unusual and destructive weather phenomena that we experience every season, from large hailstones to tornados and harsh winters.

Recent reports show that rising temperatures in Colorado, especially in summer, is a trend that will continue, hence the need to call a dependable service like JM Electric who will ensure your home’s electric is safe and ready to support the demands of use. The intensity and frequency of heat waves will keep increasing, along with droughts, winds and the imminence of wildfires and outbreaks of insects. Winters will be milder and snow will melt earlier.

In these circumstances, roofing trends are expected to focus around insulation and heat barriers, as well as durable, resistant and energy-efficient roofing materials (white/ cool roofs).

Reputable roofers will help you find the best roofing option for your home. However, pay attention to frauds that go door to door, especially after a strong meteorological phenomenon, and make promises that they will actually never keep.

Strong and durable roofing materials include laminate shingles, asphalt shingles and metal roofing systems, but current trends also include the adoption of green roofs and buildings that are expected to reduce the level of carbon emissions. Green roofs also provide good insulation, absorb water and improve urban aesthetics.