Under Cabinet Lighting

The lighting in your home makes all the difference – your light fixtures can hide problem areas and highlight the areas that you want to showcase, they can set the atmosphere of your rooms and they can enhance the functionality of your rooms, too, by providing the quantity of light that you need. If your existing fixtures are less than perfect and you are planning to remodel your home lighting system, here are a few important questions that you should find the answer to before you start:

  • Energy efficiency – the decision to use conventional fixtures or energy-efficient lighting solutions, such as LED lights will determine most other remodeling decisions;
  • Layer the light – you don’t need to illuminate the entire room with one fixture. Use layers of light coming from different sources that work well together, such as a large chandelier that illuminates the center of the room combined with smaller sources of light, such as spot LEDs that shed light on important design components, such as the artwork on the walls;
  • Add a dimmer – dimmers are nowadays affordable and easy to get and they are great additions that enhance the functionality of your rooms by giving you control over the amount of light delivered by your fixtures and can be easily installed by a Denver Electrician or you if you know what you are doing.