Signs It's Time To Call A Denver Electirican

The wiring in your home has probably been designed with durability in mind, but even so, the time when it all needs to be replaced will inevitably come. Here are some tell-tale signs that inform you it is time to rewire your home:

  • Dimmed or flickering lights – the sign indicates that your illumination no longer gets continuous power and you need to prepare for the wire replacement;
  • Electric shocks – if you get a small electrical shock whenever you touch or turn on certain appliances, it means that the earth in your system does not work properly. The issue can cause serious injuries and accidents and it poses a fire hazard, too, so don’t wait any longer, get the problem checked and fixed;
  • Power tripping – older homes, but not only, tend to get a power-down whenever the system becomes overloaded. While the power supply in such cases can be restored through the fuse box, the issue indicates the presence of a serious problem that can be usually remedied only through rewiring;
  • Aging – no wiring can work safely forever, so if the wires in your walls are approaching the end of their lifespan, the safest, most responsible thing to do is to start preparing for the rewiring.  Start with an electrical inspection from JM Electric of Denver to keep your home safe.