Light switches and sockets are no longer what they used to be. With the development of SMART technologies, new devices for controlling electricity have emerged. Therefore, besides the classic plastics switches, now we can purchase new smart switches that we can control by touch, using a remote control or even the mobile phone.

The major benefit of smart light switches is that they are much more resistant and easy to maintain. Considering that they do not have mechanical parts that can be worn over time (such as in the case of classic switches), they will last for a lifetime. Smart light switches are also fire resistant and installation is as simple as installing a socket. Be careful when purchasing them, as some stores sell the panel and the electronic part separately. The panel can be selected according to color, number of desired switches, wireless function, or remote control.

You can opt for simple, double and triple touch switches, depending on what you need. If you want more functionality, we recommend a wireless switch and a remote control that you can use from a distance, to set the intensity of light.

Smart switches with wireless capability can also connect to a hub, along with other home smart devices such as alarms, gas sensors, thermostats of the HVAC systems etc.

The prices vary depending on the model and the desired functionality, but smart light switches are significantly more expensive than the ones you were used to.  To find the best lighting options, look at for professional help.