Common Mistakes To Avoid

The lighting in your home is an essential component of your home decoration and it is also important for the functionality of your home environment. Designing and installing proper lighting that is efficient and attractive at the same time is no easy task – here are some of the most common pitfalls and mistakes of DIY lighting system designs:

  • Not taking advantage of natural light – the sun is still the best source of light, yet many homeowners neglect its importance and choose to replace natural light with artificial light. Try to maximize the use of natural in each of rooms – that way, you will be able to create a healthier, more welcoming space and you will reduce your energy bills as well;
  • Using one light source in the center of the room – illuminating the space with a single source of light can only result in poor illumination, so try to install multiple light sources to create layered light consisting of ambient light, task lighting and accent lighting;
  • Using overhead lights that are too strong – overhead lights that deliver light that is too harsh can delimit the space, creating a stage-like area. If your principle light source is such an overhead element, try to install dimming switches to control it to be able to get the right atmosphere and functionality as well.  To avoid the extra expense of correcting your mistakes, start with one of the recommended professional Arvada electricians advice and services.