Electrician Photo Lighting Designs

Using smart lighting Littleton electrician techniques can enhance any picture. If you know how to use light tricks,  such as soft light or shadows games, you can put some life into your home pictures.

Soft light is similar to the sunset light and it can give to any photo a more natural look. You can create such light in your home by using a broad light source. But keep it close to the subject and place a diffuser over the light, like a translucent plastic, white fabric, or wax paper. Soft light can also be achieved through a reflected or bounce light, but this may be a little more difficult and may require more skill.

Harsh light means sharp shadows and glaring specular highlights and it is used for glamor and creative photos. This light gives an unnatural look to any photo because it projects a blue light around things. But, by using a narrow light source, the contrasts between shadows and lights will be reduced and textures will be enriched.

A hard light source creates deep shadows around the image or in the image. You can adjust this by  placing a light source closer in or further away.