Electricians Say To Use Safety When Changing A Ligtbulb

Replacing a lightbulb might not seem like an awfully difficult task, but even so, you need to observe certain safety measures to prevent accidents according to an experienced Westminster electrician, such as falling or electric shocks. Here is how to do it right:

  • Turn off the power supply – whenever you perform any work around electrical appliances, the first thing to do is to make sure the appliance or the fixture is not under current. Set the light switch into the off position and if the fixture has an off button, operate that, too;
  • Take your time – if the faulty light bulb has just gone black, wait until the bulb cools down before you touch it to avoid burns;
  • Climb on a safe ladder or extension – if the light bulb is not very high up, you can use a safe, solid chair, but if you need to climb high to replace it, make sure that the ladder or the extension that you use is solid and safe to climb on;
  • Replacing the bulb – hold the old bulb firmly, but take care not to squeeze it, then turn it to remove it from its socket. Place the new bulb into the socket and turn it in the opposite direction until it clicks into place. Turn the light switch into the on position to make sure the fixture works properly.