Top Tips For A Lighting Design That Works

If you are in the process of designing the lighting plan for your new home, you surely know that hiring an expert from JM Electric of Denver is certainly the best way to ensure that the plan meets all your requirements. However, many of us cannot squeeze the extra costs into the project budget, so if you have made up your mind to create your own lighting design plan, here are a few tips that can make your job easier:

  • Use natural light to the maximum – the sun is the best source of light in any room, so try to use the features of your rooms to the max;
  • Combine layered lighting with a light in the focal point of the room – create a plan that includes as many outlets as the space permits and use multiple light sources along the walls as well as a chandelier on the ceiling in each room;
  • Make sure the capacity of the electrical wiring inside your walls is sufficient for bearing the load that you expect to use;
  • Combine various types of light for a harmonious overall appearance – use task lights, ambient and accent lighting as well as decorative lights;
  • Consider the layout of the furniture in the room and design the lighting plan to make the usage of your furniture comfortable.