Basement Lighting Options

A repurposed basement is a great thing to have – it adds value to your home and it makes life in the house more comfortable, too. However, most basements have only very small windows or none at all, so the problem that most basement owners are faced with is the lack of natural light in the space and need good Denver electricians to hard wire lighting features. If you are looking for some easy and spectacular lighting and decoration solutions for making your basement even more comfortable, here are a few tips that can help you:

  • Use multiple sources of light – one lamp in the middle of the ceiling cannot provide the brightness and the atmosphere that you are looking for, so install multiple light sources on the walls and in the corners;
  • Use mirrors – mirrors make the space look larger and they also reflect light, creating the illusion of a brightly lit space;
  • Use shiny, reflective accessories – metal vases, shiny picture frames and planters all work like mirrors;
  • Use pastel colors on the walls – light colors also reflect light and they also create a cozy atmosphere that is relaxing and refreshing;
  • Use bright-colored decorations – a wall painted in splashes of bright colors adds liveliness to any room and will create a contrast with the other, plain walls that is pleasing to the eye.