Best Home Lighting

Taking professional indoor pictures is possible in your own home, not only in professional studios. The good news is that you don’t even have to invest into expensive lighting equipment – you can create professional lighting for your pics using some simple furnishing items available in your home, such as an adjustable table lamp. Here are some more lighting tips for you:

  • Choosing your light temperature right – the color of the light emitted by your bulb is essential for the quality of the picture. The color temperature of the light emitted is measured in Kelvins – lower ranges between 2,700-3,000 K are soft, warm and white, suitable for photographing static image, such as rooms; light in the temperature range between 3,100-4,500 K is cool and white, suitable for crisp, bright images, while light in the 4,600-6,500 K is bright, very much like natural daylight;
  • Choosing the bulb type right – the type of the bulb depends on the desired effects. Halogen bulbs produce bright, white light, but they have an intense glare; fluorescent lights deliver a crisp light while using very little energy, while LED lights might be too dim for some photos;
  • Use three-point lighting – most professional photographers use a key light, a fill light and the back light to illuminate the object or the person that they want to capture in the pic, so the best way to achieve professional results at home is to use three light sources simultaneously.  Find a great electrician at to help with electrical installation if needed.