Electrical Outlet Fixed By An Electrician

Electrical appliances, devices and fixtures are either connected to the power supply directly, through fixed wires or through plugs connected through wall outlets or through extensions (that also need to be connected to the power supply through a wall outlet). This also means that wall outlets are essential components in any home and any damage they suffer needs to be addressed as soon as possible. One of the most common problems that affects wall outlets is the damage of the metal receptacles inside the outlet that causes the outlet to become loose – here is how to fix the issue:

  • Make sure that the power that runs to the outlet is disconnected – you should never work on an outlet that is live;
  • Use a screwdriver to dismantle the old socket from the box;
  • Note which wire connects where – you can also take a picture of the configuration to make sure you don’t make a mistake while reconnecting the wires;
  • Remove the wires from the old socket, then connect them to the new socket, linking live to live, neutral to neutral and earth to earth;
  • Screw the new component into the socket;
  • Turn on the power and check the socket by plugging something into it.

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