Lighting Fixtures Electrician Maintenance

Gardens are one of the most important reasons why we choose houses instead of easier-to-maintain and less expensive apartments. Corners of peace and fresh air, gardens and back yards are typically areas of our property where we tend to invest quite a lot of resources to make them as beautiful and comfortable as possible. From choosing the most distinct plant and shrub species to lawn care, all these efforts are important, but they would be in vain without also considering proper exterior lighting, to highlight the garden and make it safer during the night.

Exterior light fixtures need to be clean to provide the amount of light they are designed for. You may need to do the cleaning yourself once in a while, because they can get dusty or splashed with mud very easily.  Be careful with the amount of water you use, otherwise you may need the services of an Littleton electrician.

This operation is even more important in coastal areas, where lighting fixtures are subject to high moisture levels and exposure to corrosive contaminants.

Make cleaning a part of your outdoor lighting maintenance. When those glass or plastic lenses are clean, you will be surprised at the results! Keep in mind these tips:

  • Turn off the circuit breaker while performing the cleaning
  • Do not use neither chemical-based cleaners, nor abrasive cleaning cloths
  • Also avoid any cleaning products that contain ammonia or alcohol.