Awesome Home Lighting

The aesthetic value of a lighting design is a fundamental concept in interior design. The light removes anonymity from any space and can also make a significant contribution to the success of a landscaping project. It is used to create decorative effects, correct manufacturing defects and highlight certain areas.

An interior designer can create very interesting light effects in your home. For example, if you desire that a column appears lighter and thinner, to reduce its heavy appearance, it should be illuminated at the top, while the base is left in the dark.  Alternatively, if the base is illuminated and the upper part is left in the dark, a resistance element will look more robust.

You can intervene in the same way to optically correct a space, especially if there is no other alternative. For example, a corridor or a room that is too large can be corrected by integrating a special light into the decor. You can optically reduce 2/3 of the height of the walls, by leaving the ceiling in the dark and creating the visual impact on the ground. Other lighting designs may give the impression of extending horizontally a space that is too narrow, such as a hall, by lighting only the walls, leaving the floor and the ceiling in the dark.

When working with light to produce such virtual effects, you can highlight space-friendly features that help you make a statement with your home.  Contact a local electrician at