What is an insurance claims adjuster? – Also known as claim handlers, or simply claim adjusters, these professionals work for insurance companies and their job is to interview the person who makes the claim as well as to verify the sources and determine the level of property damage and, consequently, the insurance company`s liability.  Some of the best electricians Denver is home to, will work directly with your insurance claim adjuster which is a huge relief.

Insurance claim adjusters should always make fair evaluations, but the truth is that they are not on your side. Sure, they look friendly, they speak nicely and assertively – they are trained in this spirit -, but when it comes to money, they will try to discuss compensation in favor of the insurance company that they represent.

When you negotiate with a claim adjuster, keep in mind the following tips:

  • do not discuss without having an idea about what you want. Decide what would be a fair settlement for you and be prepared to show evidence and reasons for it;
  • do everything in writing;
  • after an accident, keep all important records, as every little thing can constitute evidence: medical records, bills etc.;
  • do not be afraid to request an explanation if you receive a low offer;
  • negotiating means a certain level of compromise, but if you still cannot agree with your claim adjuster, you should consider hiring an attorney.