The Kitchen Is The Gathering Place

The kitchen is the central room in all homes – guests tend to gather in the kitchen soon after the party starts and the entire family like to spend time there, too. The quality of the lighting is essential in any room, but if the room is used as much as most kitchens, using illumination that is functional and attractive as well is even more important. Here are some of the latest trends in kitchen illumination design:

  • Use pendants – pendant lights are decorative and they cast circles of bright light, too, features that make them suitable for being used as ambient light and as task lights, too;
  • Under-cabinet lights – whether you use a complicated design to add lights underneath kitchen cabinets or you choose easy to install LED strings, under-cabinet lighting can be used to illuminate work surfaces and to create a romantic atmosphere;
  • Use track lights – these modern solutions use a slender and elegant metal track to hold multiple, adjustable lighting heads. The units work great over kitchen islands and they are available in a huge variety of styles, from minimalist and modern to elaborate, classic and romantic;
  • Blend in foyer lights – foyer lights are becoming very popular as kitchen lights as well. They are usually smaller than chandeliers, but they are just as elegant.  Many of the electricians Denver offers are licensed and are skilled in lighting and installation.